City Council : A Local Government Organization

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Hurstville city council
Public sector

Hurstville city council is a local government organization, which is located in the St George and southern region of Sydney, NSW, Australia. it is established to operate and develop the city by ensuring the high quality of lifestyle for its residents and visitors.


• Balancing the economic growth and developing the quality of life of Hurstville residents.
• Encouraging the people, maintain the city culture, tradition and protect the natural and cultural heritage.
• Involving the people to work together in a group and enable them to participate in social services for the betterment of the community.


To maintain and provide the facilities, services to the residents for a quality life. Maintain the needs of residents environment where fresh ideas meet together for the betterment of community.

Strategic direction

• Generating the sustainable use of environment through economic growth
• Maximizing the employment
• Plan and provide the social infrastructure as the community needs
• Conserving the natural resources

Recruitment policy

• Equal preferences to women policy; we prefer women applicants to be a part of our team and encourage all the women out there to apply for various job vacancies.

• Aboriginal preferences; we as an organization encourage people from aboriginal background to be a part of our company as preferences is given to these people compare to other applicants.

• Hurstville council is…
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