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The Dahlonega City Hall was crowded on the evening of March 1st 2010. The seats were full, except for at the very front, and the standing room was filled almost out the door. The crowd, mostly made up of students, leaned in to hear as the voices of the City Council members faded in and out of the faltering sound system. The six City Council members and the mayor sat along a bench as if they were the judges at a hearing. Because of the ongoing discussions and the crowd, I thought I had arrived a few minutes late; but I was able to find a seat in the front two rows. Despite how packed the small room was there were plenty of empty seats in the front. I had thought the meeting was well on its way by the way conversation was going and…show more content…
Then another Council member would second the movement if they agreed. Following the movement being seconded a vote would follow to confirm if the movement was confirmed or denied.
Several local business owners stood up throughout the meeting asking for variances in local laws for construction on their buildings. One requested to not be required to add parking spaces despite the fact that he was adding square footage to his restaurant. The Dahlonega City laws determine the number of required parking spaces for a business by square footage. However what the business owner was adding, an indoor stairway and a landing for the hostess to greet in, would not affect the number of people that could be seated in the building. The council ultimately said that he could only put in half the number of required spots. Another business owner stood and requested a similar variance in the law but was adding office space to the rear of their building instead of a stairway and landing. Again he wanted to not have to provide extra parking for the space since it was not going to be used commercially, but because he mentioned a function that was not stated on the original business plan, the request was tabled.
Following the portion of the meeting where the public could bring things to the table, the Council continued with its agenda. Multiple departments came and gave reports on what they were doing and their progress. Including

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