City Furniture and Mattresses Case Study

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City Furniture And Mattresses Executive summary City furniture and mattresses (CFM), is a company located at Toronto in Ontario, Canada. It serves as a home furnishing retail market CFM was launched in 2003 as a retail market. Different strategies have been used by Raajev to ensure that the furniture retail market is sustained. Internal factors are factors that involve the planning process of the management; these factors determine how a business will operate and can be controlled by the management. After identification of available opportunities of a business, objectives should be laid down; since each step in the process determines the achievement of these objectives. Factors which will affect achievement of these objectives should then be determined for appropriate planning. In 2005 the singhs lacked a business strategy or planning. Hence lack of a plan for the operation of their business, which led to lack of profitability. Their strategies were short term that is to clear inventory, and when there was a shift of focus to being a fully fledged retail operation it was difficult because the facility could not generate profits in the long term, consequently led to the closure of the stores. In Whitbuy the signhs were unable to make top line sales due to lack of planning of internal factors including the premises. This led to significant losses due to low sales. City Furniture And Mattresses Introduction The singhs lacked experience on business to business sales, large

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