City Hall, The Home Of Bristol City Council (Bcc) Reopened

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City hall, the home of Bristol City Council (BCC) reopened this past summer following a major refurbishment and development. Across the first floor, there are 17 available bookable rooms to hire including the council chamber, conference hall and various meeting and conference rooms of different sizes, both modern and heritage. Following budget cuts from the government, BCC requires an immediate action towards making substantial savings by 2017/18. Generating income has been an integral focus within this exercise. As BCC acquires the license for weddings and civil partnerships, they are willing to utilise their available tangible asset (City hall) as a potential to bring significant income and benefit from the flourishing wedding market.…show more content…
- To establish a reputable business that is active and current with trends required to reach customers on various platforms and provide an immediate highest level of service. - It is advised BCC to focus in a specific geographical region because location can be a huge influencing factor, as majority of their customers will be based near or around the business (Dahl, 2014). According to Google trends, Bristol had the popularity search rate of 96% for the term ‘wedding venues’ in the last 12 months (figure 1). - - (Figure 1: Google trends) - BCC’s target market should consist of recently engaged couples around the South West region (Bristol, Bath and Gloucester) who are aged between 18-35 years old with stable income and planning their wedding or civil partnership. - 34% of women regularly browse inspiration on dresses and venues on the web (Gardner, 2014). Therefore, more specifically, the campaign should be focused primarily toward female audience as they are more incline to be proactive with the wedding plans (Sniezek, 2005). - According to ONS (2016), 86.4% of women in the UK are internet users. The campaign will be targeted towards regular Internet users who are technologically interconnected through the means of smart phones and computers (Ryan, 2014). They will be frequently on social media and active online seeking to find a suitable venue for their wedding event. - Since

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