City In New York City

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Every city has more than one story to tell, more than one face to show. In “Mexican Manifesto,” Bolaño’s narrator tells us that “[j]ust as the hidden face of other cities is in theatres, parks, docks, beaches, labyrinths, churches, brothels, bars, cheap cinemas, old buildings, even supermarkets, the hidden face of Mexico City could be found in the enormous web of public baths, legal, semi legal, and clandestine.” Likewise, the hidden face of New York City lies within parks, museums, restaurants, etc. New York City is called “the City of Dreams”, “city that never sleeps” and “the Capital of the World”, especially to the outsiders – the tourists. However, is that the city all about? Not even close! People tend to look at the bigger and more obvious picture. No one takes the time to analyze and thus, they end up missing out on the little facets which also have their own stories to tell. One can only understand a city to the full extent if one knows the entire truth consisting of the good and the bad as well as the essential and trivial factors. Out of the many places I have visited in New York City, Central Park is one of my favorite places that brings me joy. I am one of the millions of people who visit the park every year. I somehow always end up finding myself there. Sometimes it was for picnic, sometimes it was to play Pokémon Go, and sometimes it was to just take a break from all the chaos and relax. This park includes lakes, theaters, ice rinks, fountains, tennis courts,
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