City National Bank And Trust

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City National Bank and Trust
City National Bank is not only the oldest bank in Lawton but is, in fact, older than
Lawton. In February, 1901, three bankers from Wichita Falls, Texas, stopped for lunch at
George M. Paschal 's store before proceeding to Fort Sill. Paschal 's store was an Indian sub agency on the trail to Fort Sill. The bankers were making the trip to explore the possibilities of establishing a bank in the soon-to-be-opened reservation that was to become the City of Lawton. Paschal and the three bankers - William M. MacGregor, William T. Huff and William Keller - were joined by another Indian trader, Emmet Cox, and the five applied, as directors, for a bank charter in the new community. The name of the town was not known at that time, but the five assumed it would be named for Fort Sill. So the charter issued March 23, 1901. The name they established was "First National Bank of Fort Sill". In July of that year, the name Lawton was chosen for the town, in honor of Major General Henry W. Lawton, and the name of the bank was changed to the "City National Bank of Lawton". The officers were: George W. Paschal, President; William M. MacGregor, Vice President; and Frank M. English, Cashier.
In order to start serving people immediately, on opening day, a small frame structure was built on wheels. It was rolled into town right after the opening and located two doors west of the Land Office at the Northwest corner of Third and "D" Avenue. Mr. Frank M. English became…

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