City Of Apex : Raleigh City Real Estate Trends

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Homes for Sale in Apex NC: Raleigh Suburbs Real Estate Trends Apex NC is the small town to keep your eye on in the next few years. In the summer of 2016, Money Magazine honored the Town of Apex by giving the town the distinct honor of being the #1 Best Places to Live. Notably, Money Magazine highlighted the benefits of Apex’s close proximity to the Research Triangle Park, which allows residents to secure high-tech jobs that are high-pay. Apex’s commitment to forging a family-friendly community, overflowing with amiable residents has paid off, and it will affect their real estate market. Market Statistics in Apex In February of 2011, the median list price for homes in Apex was less than $270,000. At that price, first-time home buyers could…show more content…
As of January 5, 2016, there are 357 houses on the market in Apex. Interestingly, if you compare the number of prices reduces in February 2011 (80), to the number of current price reductions (0), it is evident that Apex is currently experiencing a seller’s market. Although homes remain on the market about a month longer, homeowners are not reducing their prices; therefore, higher-priced homes continue to sell in Apex. Neighborhood Trends in Apex Like many of the towns and cities in the area, are single family homes. The homeownership rate in Apex is nearly 73% compared to a homeownership rate of nearly 65% for the state of North Carolina. Home listings reflect the fact that homeownership is desirable in Apex. Out of the 403 housing units currently on the market, 360 of the units are single family homes. In 2013, there were more homes in neighborhoods that cost between $300,000 to $399,999. Homes with values of $200,000 to $249,999 were next in line amongst Apex residents with 2,049 units. Within Apex, there has been a significant move away from condos and townhouses. In February of 2011, there were 76 listings for condos and townhomes, but currently, there are only 48 listings. Trends in the Real Estate Market in Apex As the economic outlook for tech jobs remains positive, Apex will continue to see a strong economy with high-paying jobs. As a result, more first-time buyers will be drawn to the town at the prospect of securing their future in a
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