City Of Niceville 2016 Stormwater Master Plan

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City of Niceville 2016 Stormwater Master Plan Addendum

The 2016 Stormwater Master Plan is an overview and summary of the City of Niceville’s Stormwater Management Program and will serve as an addendum to the existing Stormwater Master Plan. This document will provide a summary of the progress the City has made to address the water quantity and quality issues as they relate to stormwater runoff. It will identify the past stormwater projects and drainage activities the City has under taken as a result of previous assessments, studies and recommendations to improve the efficiency and functionality of the City’s stormwater systems to minimize the adverse environmental impacts of stormwater runoff. This document also includes the Capital Improvement Element which comprises a list of the drainage improvement projects that identify the future goals and objectives of the City’s Stormwater Management Program. The City Council’s approval of this Stormwater Master Plan Addendum and the Capital Improvements Plan will become the framework for accomplishing these goals and objectives.


Beginning in the late 1990’s the city realized the importance of stormwater management and initiated the necessary steps to identify and minimalize the adverse effects of inadequate drainage infrastructure. Although the city had adopted stormwater regulations for new development, older developments and roadways in the city were not regulated prior to 1984 and many of those drainage systems

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