City Of Thieves Character Analysis

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In the novel, City of Thieves by David Benioff, two characters meet by fate and endure a dangerous quest for their lives. Lev Beniov, a young teenage Jew who was caught looting, meets Kolya, a Russian deserter during the Nazi’s siege of Leningrad. Lev and Kolya were both arrested and given a chance to get their lives back by one task: find a dozen eggs for a Soviet colonel in a few days to be granted freedom. Through this hunt for a dozen eggs, which is much harder than it sounds due to scarcity of food during this time, two uncommon strangers unite experiencing death, cannibals, and hardship. Throughout the course of the novel, many hardships had to be overcome. Lev, although never really speaking about his father too much after he was captured and killed by the NKVD, had to leave his city after being arrested for ransacking a dead German pilot. On the other hand, Kolya was arrested and placed in the same cell as Lev due to abandoning his unit. Together, after being assigned a mission to find a dozen eggs for the Colonel’s daughter’s wedding, face other hardships such as cannibals, the freezing cold, lack of food, and Lev’s greatest fear: death. One instance is when the news that Lev’s home in Piter has been attacked by Nazis’ and the fear that his friends and family were gone. Also, Lev and Kolya run into cannibals, who were common during this time due to the lack of food and starvation. They also run into highly-rank officers in the Nazi Army known as Einsatzgruppens,
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