City of Carlsbad, California: Restructuring the Public Works Department

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City of Carlsbad, California: Restructuring the Public Works Department (A)

What is your diagnosis of the situation in the Public Works Department?
From the data collected through the OD consultant, diagnostic interviews, focus groups with employees and stakeholders the Public Works Department is facing serious issues. The department is lacking direction, communication, and budget control. From the data showed each department were doing their own thing instead of having a clear mission and vision for their department. The changes were implemented immediately without giving the departments enough notice and allowing time to accept the changes. Another issue that arose was from some of the work
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What interventions would you recommend and why? The there are three types of system wide process interventions to consider such confrontation meeting, intergroup interventions, and large-group interventions. Out of the three, large-group seems to fit the best, although, intergroup interventions may also work. The intergroup intervention allows two or more groups to find a solution. Members of each group come together and identify the problem and find solution. However, with large-group intervention, a large meeting is held. The purpose is to identify organization wide problems together and implement a new vision. The Public Works Department is facing an issue organizational wide not just in one department. The changes that are being implemented will impact the whole organization therefore large-group intervention works the best.
For our preferred intervention, develop an action plan for implementation.
The preferred intervention is to use large-group method. The department will need to discover the organization’s positive core, dream about and envision a more desired and fulfilled future, design the structural and stems arrangements that will best reflect and support the vision or dream, and finally create the specific action plans that will fulfill the organizations destiny (Cummings, 2009). During the first stage of discovering the organizations positive core allows employees to interact with
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