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Laura Schneider Sociology 1 The City of God After watching “The City of God”, I personally can see the correlation that crime plays in association with poverty, social influence, and lack of law and order. Though my perspective vastly varies from that of sociological theorists, I think we can both conclude that this movie is an extreme representation as to what can occur when society shuns away disadvantaged youths to a place that lacks justice as well as ethical and moral responsibilities. Sociological perspectives regarding crime emphasize the interconnections between conformity and deviance in different social contexts (cite). In the following paper I will attempt to analyze three sociological theories and apply their views to the…show more content…
Criminal acts may appear attractive to some but social bonds stop most from actually committing on impulse. The youths in the movie had little constraints on their actions from parents or authority, I believe that inadequate socialization and lack of education led characters such as Benny, Shaggy, and Carrot into the lifestyle of drugs, greed and violence. As you can see, there are many sociological perspectives that can be applied when analyzing and interpreting the actions of the characters in “The City of God”. Functionalists would focus on social order and structure of the society as a whole. Almost all of the characters except for Rocket adjusted their aspirations to the reality of their situation; however Interactionist’s would argue that criminal activities are something that is learned through primary peer groups, which was very much so the case in the film. Conflict Theorists see crime and deviance as a power struggle amidst a lower class longing to be the ruling class. Lastly Control Theory feels that crime results from an imbalance between impulses to commit crime and the social or physical controls that deter it. (Cite). There wasn’t much holding the kids back from committing crime in an environment where the ability to use a firearm prevailed over reading and writing skills. No matter what sociological approach one chooses to take, I think that everyone will agree that when social groups conform to a deviant

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