Citzenship Assignment 3

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Unit 3 – Citizenship, Diversity and the Public Services
Assignment 3
P7 - Report on three examples of current affairs that affect public services and citizens
M4 - Analyse the effects on citizens and public services of the way that three examples of current affairs have been reported by the media.
Current affairs in the UK that affect the Public Services and citizens of society are the student demonstrations, the increase of fuel prices and the cutbacks of the Public Services. These all have an effect on society and the affect it has depends on the way in which the media portrays the Public Services and citizens of society.
Fuel Prices Increase - The recent fuel price increase sparked anger amongst motorists across the UK. A protest
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Cutbacks have had an effect within the Royal Air Force (RAF) and this has resulted in them having to decommission multiple aircrafts such as: the Harrier, Nimrod and the sentinel. This is expected to last for the following 5 years and this will have a great impact on the Public Services. Also on the 14th of February it was reported that 100 student pilots where made redundant due to the public services cutbacks by the government. The media made the RAF look bad as they got into detail as soon pilots had a matter weeks to completion of their training. However it was later released that the RAF were redirecting the redundant pilots into of other trades. To start off with the media were portraying the RAF in a bad way to the citizens but the story changed and a positive outcome was released.
Student Demonstrations - The student demonstrations began due to the rise off tuition fees made by the government that soon lead to rioting and protests from the students. These demonstrations effected the Public Services greatly as the majority of Police Officers were on the streets trying to prevent the rioting from getting out of hand and too dangerous, while the Ambulance Service and Paramedics were on standby ready for any casualties if the situation escalated. The demonstrations showed both students as well as the Police in a bad perspective. A couple of ways in which the media did this was by only showing

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