Civics: US Government And Its Citizens

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Before we can ask ourselves why, we need to ask ourselves what. What is Civics? Civics is the study of rights and duties of citizenship (keeping that short). So due to this, what can we make out of it? The subject of Civics is far bigger than just the U. S, government, and its citizens. It’s the study of all citizens, of all countries, their governments, and their duties, and rights. Knowing Civics is on that large of a scale, lets us know that it's important. Civics relates to everything all around us. For example, one could start by looking at the media. Websites and today's technology allow us to find anything about politics and Civics. Many News channels, 24/7, giving out a plethora of information on wars, propaganda, relationships with…show more content…
So is it because citizens aren't educated on Civics that they aren't successful? Well I, and many parents who have their children in school agree. I have researched on many people's opinions, and parents say they want their children to go to school to be successful. They feel that their kids need to know about Civics and America because they hadn't and how it had affected them. The truth is the more knowledge is more power, and especially with Civics in this matter. My life experiences and conversations gave me an overall look on what people thought about Civics, the government, and how as citizens look at the system we live by. I have talked to men and women from my family and many that aren't. Most didn't think it was important, yet stayed updated on all the news. Others thought that politics, government, anything related was a bad influence and don't want to get involved. Nevertheless, they had opinions and ideas about topics and events related to politics. I have realized that some people want to learn, others can’t, and some don't…show more content…
Yet America and successful democracies depend on the participation of their citizens to grow and be successful. Civics lets you know why you should vote, how to, when to, why we, as citizens, even do. Civics is the instruction manual and what one can use their knowledge/power in America. So it’s important to study Civics because informed citizens become active citizens. As people living in a country whose motto is freedom, when one tries to take it away from us, one must know their rights and what they could do in a situation of that sort. To summarize, Civics is bettering our country, acts as a guideline, gives us power, and can use the knowledge it holds as
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