Civil And Human Rights : Excessive Use Of Force

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Police bodied mounted cameras has been a crucial topic in regards to civil and human rights about excessive use of force. Not to mention, excessive use of force has been on the rise lately which has caught tons of attention from multiple range of communities such as the African American community. The encounter of excessive use of force has grabbed many police department’s attention to change their way of reducing such act. By all means, most agencies around the world had already implemented the use of mounted cameras on their officers because it has proven to reduce use of force and fewer complaints from the community. According to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), “body cams are small, pager-sized cameras that clip on to an officer’s uniform or sunglasses or are worn as a headset, and record audio and video of the officer’s interactions with the public.” Police bodied mounted cameras is a tool crucial to whether or not this technology serves its fundamental purpose of deterring police misconduct. The ACLU mentioned about the New York Police Department’s tactic of “stop and frisk” and how it is a tactic that violates many New Yorker’s constitutional rights. Therefore, in every effort to reduce this claim, the New York Police Department brought in an effective tool of putting body cams on police officer. According to the text, the ACLU believe cameras will prove to be a win-win situation. Provided that it is a win-win situation, cameras will serve its purpose in…
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