Civil Court Visit Report : Name And Address Of The Court

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Civil Court Visit Report

1: Name and address of the court
Manchester Country Court and Family Count Hearing Center Manchester Civil and Family Justice Centre.
1 Bridge Street West
Manchester,Greater Manchester
M60 9DJ

2: Date(s) visited

3: How many cases did you observe?
I observed 1 case

4: How many court officials were present and what were their titles and function?
Court officials are the individuals employed and work at the Courts. The day I visited the Court one legal clerk and one judge was present.
Firstly the legal clerk was positioned under the judges in front of a computer. She was writing in stenography method all the information that happened in the case in shorthand.
Also it was present only 1 Judge named Mr McDonald and he was the person that made all the decisions on legal matters; he was also the one that decided whether a defendant is guilty of a crime and should be punished.
5: List and briefly describe the cases observed and their outcome.

Case Name: Flint v Stockport

The claimant Mrs Flint was a teaching assistant in a school for disabled kids. While she was working she tripped over a mat which was flat on the floor. As a result she suffered some fractures on parts of her body like her elbow and knee and additionally she suffered damages on her face.

The claimant now demands compensation from the school due to the difficulties she faced when she tried to find a new job. She claims that the reason of not finding a job is because…

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