Civil Disobedience By David Thoreau

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Garcia 1 Kevin Garcia Professor Tajir ENG 100 10:15-12:20 05-01-2017 1849 Civil Disobedience In Civil Disobedience Thoreau argues against american society, and their democracy. Arguing about how the government barely proves themselves being useful in american society, and how the government also gets most of their power from a majority group, more because they are the strongest group in that society. Thoreau also argues that each person should live for themselves, and take advantage of their short time on earth to follow their own…show more content…
Thoreau believes that the views, and beliefs of a citizen shouldn’t be rejected because the citizens of the society lives under the government power, and for people who do respect the government authority, they are involved in the government 's corruptions, and actions that the government causes. Thoreau’s views may seem idealistic, but will not work with a pragmatic approach, because during the time the pragmatic thinker will deal with the government actions a different way, whereas they would approach it as a practical way because their american values are strong. not have a desire to respect the actual laws for rights. Thoreau encourages citizens to follow their own beliefs, express their freedom of speech, and don’t let the government disturb the citizens practices. Bringing a strong individualist view, not every person in the society will follow them, Thoreau questions the citizens of how they should react towards the government actions of the Mexican American war, slavery, and many other principles the government carries. The social issues carry into voting, voting for the government actions to change, and to have justice in the society, but Thoreau doesn’t believe that voting for a change from the government isn’t acting on the big picture. Thoreau believes that people in the society lack intellectual thought, these people who vote, vote
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