Civil Disobedience By Edward Snowden

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By the lawmakers and law followers of society, civil disobedience is to spit upon their words and then ignore them, in favor of upholding their own virtues. However, it is not just laws, but even unfair, undocumented processes that are not labeled for also undisclosed reasons. Civil disobedience does not simply take the form of silent action, such as sit-downs and area occupation, or even protests, but can be acts of exposure that are tirades against the government and display to the people the laws they abide under or the surreptitious acts of authority, and is positive in showing hidden injustices. In recent, modern day news, Edward Snowden, a name that goes down in both infamy and legend in the United States, has currently spoken on Russian…show more content…
agents. They didn’t contain the contents of any U.S. military plans, or of any conversations between U.S. or foreign officials...But it will hardly surprise the organized terrorist groups, which already go to great lengths to avoid being monitored." (Cassidy 1). Snowden's revelations have only brought us alarming news on United States espionage upon their own people, which have individual rights to express what they wish to by the often cited First Amendment, even though they are being constantly surveyed upon sites such as Facebook and Yahoo where personal information is wholly visible by the government, even in the presence of privacy policies. Their logging of phone calls also puts many Americans at a severe risk of being targeted or put on further watch for choice words, and will not work on the intended, true terrorists to the country, as they do not use public communications system, at least not U.S. based ones. Even for the public, one will not have a phone call used for them as evidence unless it was recorded by a third party and it hints at their connection to a crime, disproving its pragmatic usage, even in higher…show more content…
But our system offers legal options to disgruntled government employees and contractors. They can take advantage of federal whistleblower laws; they can bring their complaints to Congress; they can try to protest within the institutions where they work." (Toobin 1.) This implies that the system they are a part of is sturdy enough for one to voice their opinion, however he contradicts himself by stating American democracy is flawed, as the sentence before states that one can take a straightforward, democratic approach to appealing to higher powers, those who often cut and shroud the American, equitable voice. In light of even more recent events, such as the Kaepernick situation where a man who expressed his ideals on the American standard and way of life was penalized in a sport that is not directly tied to the country, it shows that perhaps voicing one's opinion will harm oneself rather than uplift other, also accounting for the hate he garnered. Odd to note that as journalists and even student writers, we too can be seen as Anti-Americans for our
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