Civil Disobedience By Henry David Thoreau

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In the history of mankind, there has been multiple cases of violent and nonviolent opposition. The question is which of these is more appealing than the other. In violent protest, citizens protest against their opposition with violence such as; rioting, vandalizing, arson, assault, and many other forms of violence. In nonviolent protest citizens will protest their opposition peacefully through calm and non-violent protest. This is also known as civil disobedience. Civil disobedience is the most efficient form of protest in a society.

In all societies both modern day and past, there has been some sort of government. In history many of these governments have abused their power and have become too powerful. In these cases it was the right of the people to protest. All past societies have agreed the less power a government has the better. In an essay Civil Disobedience, written by Henry David Thoreau the text states “That government is best which governs less” (Thoreau 1). If the people of a society feel that the government is inexpedient. Governments should be for the people by the people.

Those who work for the government will rarely make moral decisions and that is when calm opposition must take place. All citizens have the right to assemble and protest, but cannot cause violent sparks of outrage. When protesting a person cannot cause harm to themselves or anyone else and also cannot cause damage to a person 's property. According to Civil Disobedience Citizens of
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