Civil Disobedience By Henry David Thoreau

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Henry David Thoreau was a very influential writer in the 1800s and still is today. Thoreau was one of America’s “greats” when it came to early American literature. Henry David Thoreau wrote one of the most influential essays entitled Civil Disobedience. This essay was Thoreau’s political statement, it outlined his views on non violent resistance. Civil Disobedience was written during the Mexican War. The Mexican War was a conflict between Mexico and America that was caused by a dispute over the boundary between Texas and Mexico, as well as by Mexico 's refusal to discuss selling California and New Mexico to the United States. Thoreau and many other Americans strongly objected to the war and protested by not paying taxes. During this time, Thoreau wrote Civil Disobedience urging people to resist government policies with which they disagree. Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience has influenced many Americans over the years. To start, Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience has influenced many Americans over the years to fight for what they believe in. . Civil Disobedience has motivated many people to speak out against government policies which they disagree with. Thoreau points out by saying, “The government itself, which is only the mode which the people have chosen to execute their will, is equally liable to be abused and perverted before the people can act through it.”Thoreau is arguing that governments can get corrupted and depraved but the people need to speak out and try to make things
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