Civil Disobedience Movement

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Much of the time, Civil disobedience negativity impacts a free society. While peaceful demonstrators believe that what they are fighting against can help strengthen their society and make the “others” realize what might be "wrong" with society, often, the opposite can happen. These occurrences can often change to violent protests when other people share their opposing viewpoints, and arguments can turn particularly aggressive. Sometimes, if the protest gets too out of hand, policemen or the National Guard may be sent in to control it (ex; protests against desegregating schools in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1969). In some particularly dangerous cases of violent protest, some of the protesters might be arrested. If this happens, most protesters…show more content…
Like the Romanian Revolution of 1989, the Tiananmen Square Protests was capitulated for the same reason; opposition towards a leader who had heavy rule over the country, in which the people had little say in the way the government was run. The authorities declared martial law, and mobilized more than 300,000 troops to Beijing in order to stop the protests from spreading throughout all of China. As a result, the Tiananmen Square Massacre in (known in China as “the July 4th Incident”) ended with roughly 500 fatalities. Today, it remains one of the most sensitive and heavily censored topics in all of…show more content…
is a figure who is famous nationwide for his peaceful and nonviolent protests to bring equality between Whites and Blacks in the South during the second half of the twentieth century. His way of demonstrating was taken from Mahatma Gandhi, who Luther studied as he went about his own protests, and took after Gandhi’s peaceful demonstrations. He looked up to Gandhi, noticing how successful the non-violent protests were in comparison to the violent riots that he often saw in the south, and used Gandhi’s success as his own model. Many riots have sprung up in the past year in the US, mainly in the Great Lake States or in the Eastern Seaboard. Charleston, North Carolina, Detroit Michigan, and Chicago, Illinois, as well as many other states in neighboring regions, are heavily populated with Blacks and Whites, who make up what seems to be 99% of the city’s population. As a result, whenever a violent clash arises between whites and blacks (most often between civilian and law enforcement), lots people react with protests and rioting, often endangering the fellow citizens around them.

One of the libertarian arguments is that if people feel the right to protest laws they do not agree with, what is the purpose of having laws or legislators in the first place? What’s the point of the
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