Civil Disobedience: Necessary Or Peaceful?

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When the fathers and mothers of a nation choose the wrong path, the children are not any special not to follow suit. The Swahili say mtoto wa nyoka ni nyoka. As such, we shouldn't be surprised when our institutions are closed down indefinately because they rioted and destroyed the very facilities that have been put in place for their own good. It is because as they grew up, they learnt that for you to be heard, you need to be chaotic and peaceful demonstrations yield no fruits. If the elite cannot express their grievances peacefully, one is left wondering how those who have not seen the door of a classroom would behave. In the recent weeka, University of Nairobi was closed down due to unrest simply because a group of students alleged that the SONU elections were not fair and they went ahead to burn down their SONU offices.…show more content…
But what exactly are we telling our children? That they must cause chaos for them to be heard? This only means that the generations to come will even be worse. They may not even know how to request for something from their parents peacefully since they might never know a thing called peace if the current trend of rioting everytime continues. If we could only practise what we preach, we could not be talking of riots but peaceful demonstrations since we all claim to be peace ambassadors. Leaders are called so because they lead and show directions to those they lead. May they lead in a way such that every child will desire to emulate. We confuse our children when we tell them not to climb trees yet we are always on top of those very
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