Civil Disorder

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By Wendy Michaud


Unit 2 ~ IP

American InterContinental University

May 6, 2012


For this assignment we will be looking at the meaning of civil disorder. I will be

researching and describing what happens when a situation with civil disorder happens in

the United States and how the government handles it. I will compare and contrast the

method The United States uses to other countries such as, Japan, England, China, and ‘

Saudi Arabia.

How does the United States deal with problems related to civil order control? Well,

one example of how the United States deals with
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Because of what happened at Kent State in 1970, the United States changed the way

civil disorder is handled. On May 4, 1970, four demonstrators holding a anti-war

demonstration on the campus of Kent State were shot and killed and nine demonstrators

were injured by The National Guard. Due to the traumatic impact from the shootings

students around the world went on strike and caused universities and colleges

temporarily closed. The United States was not prepared for a situation such as this and

did not know how to deal with it. (The May 4 Shootings at Kent State University)

This is what happened in Waco, TX on February 8, 1993 and came to an end fifty

one day later on April 19, 1993. The situation started when the United States ATF

(Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) and a news crew, made an attempt to issue a

search warrant of the premises, which was called the Branch Davidian. After being

denied the ability to gain access to the premises, there was a gun battle for almost two

hours. Four people were killed during the gun battle, six people from the Branch

Davidian as well as four agents. Due to the ATF being unable to issue the search

warrant, the FBI took over from there and began a siege of the premises. (Wikipedia,

Waco Siege)

How do civil order control
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