Civil Engineering : An Interdisciplinary Field Essay

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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Civil Engineering Career My understanding of Civil Engineering and how it has evolved throughout the semester Civil engineering is an interdisciplinary field that deals in the design, construction and maintenance of the natural and physically built environment (Wong p.213). It entails the constructions works for roads, canals, dams, bridges, buildings and other forms of man-made infrastructure. Civil works are executed to improve the living standards of human beings. Structures are designed to accommodate the needs and safety of the occupants. In civil engineering, detailed investigations are conducted to determine the safest standards for most structures in order to enhance their integrity. For example, the bearing capacity of soil is analyzed. In addition, the safe loading for structures is also determined analytically, and the approximate mix ratio for building materials is also determined from a mathematical perspective (Becerik-Gerber et al p. 97). Over the semesters, civil engineering has evolved as a practical-oriented rather than a theoretical discipline. In addition, the courses pursued in this major have provided more insights on the interdisciplinary scope of this discipline. Since sustainable construction is a contemporary issue in engineering, care should be taken to ensure that construction activities do not pollute the environment (Delatte et al p. 47). In fact, ethical practices in civil engineering have bridged the
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