Civil Freedoms Pros And Cons

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As Americans we have many civil liberties that we do not ever think about, like freedom of speech, press, and religion. Other people form different countries do not have the luxury of having individual freedoms like we do in America. The Supreme Court plays a major role in letting the individual keep their civil liberties. Cases like Snyder v. Phelps and West Virginia board of Ed v. Barnette allows people to keep their liberties ever if the public did not agree with the Supreme Court decision. However, if we did not have our liberties protected by the Supreme Court, America would be a whole new country without individual freedoms. That is a country that I and many other American would a sadden to see happen.
The cases Snyder v. Phelps, all started when Westbora Baptist Church members held signs that stated, “Thank God for dead solders” and “Fag Troops” at Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder’s funeral. The family filed a lawsuit that first went to the lower court which they reserved $5 million in damages. But than the cases went to the Supreme Court and the First Amendment shields any protesters who stage a protest at a military funeral from liability. The Supreme Court had to rule in favor of the protesters because it is their job to protect religious expression under the First Amendment. [ "Snyder v. Phelps." Oyez, 23 Sep. 2017,]The decision was 8-to-1 which means that one person did not want the protesters to win the case but in the end they

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