Civil Justice And The Scottish Criminal Justice System

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The Scottish legal system is divided into two different systems: the civil justice and the Scottish criminal justice system. Distinctively the civil legal system deals with legal rights and responsibilities created by civil law whereas the criminal justice system deals with those going to be or already involved in criminal activity. The civil legal system is generated by three courts and deals with legal differences between two or more parties which arise in relation to their legal rights in everyday and business life. There are two types of civil law- public and private. Public law oversees engagements of the public and their relationships with private bodies. Whereas private law handles the rights and responsibilities of people and companies concerning one another. Public law deals with topics such as human rights, immigration, education, housing, tax etc. However private covers branches such as ‘family law, law of contract, law of delict, law of property and mercantile law’. Britain 's legal system (1993). The first court of law is The Sheriff court which is one of the busiest in Scotland as it deals with not only civil matters but criminal (Ashton, 2003). This court is one of first instance therefore it has jurisdiction; cases will be heard and determined there. Most types of cases heard by sheriff includes domestic and family issues, contractual disputes etc. those which fall under private law usually. It also has private jurisdiction where certain actions in this
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