Civil Liability: A Case Study

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Civil Liability: A Case Study Civil liability is a serious issue that everyone has to watch out for, even in some of the most common of circumstances. The notion of civil liability is that an individual, group, or institution of some kind may end up having to be liable, and thus pay damages in the event that an individual is hurt, abused, or slandered. Civil liability goes through a process in civil court, making it much different compared to criminal liability, where criminal charges can be brought up. However, civil liability does still hold the guilty parties responsible for having to pay back whatever damages might have been inflicted in the process of the event in question. There a wide number of cases of civil liability, but two stand out for the purpose of this analysis: the case of Penn State being liable for potentially covering up Coach Sandusky's sexual assault of young boys during university activities and . The first case to be examined here is the potential for Penn State to be liable for damages to the young rape victims of Coach Sandusky. According to the research, "Jerry Sandusky's alleged sexual abuse of eight young boys also provides a rough outline of the civil lawsuits Penn State University and its implicated officials are sure to face" (Hall, 2011). In this particular case, the university may be found liable for the damages based on the fact that nothing was done to stop the abuse. This civil liability stems from the number of sexual abuse cases,
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