Civil Liability and Private Police Paper

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California Private Security Laws SEC/350 October 15, 2013 Debbie Travis California Private Security Laws In the state of California the days of hiring anybody to fill security guard vacancies are long gone. No longer are the security professional people those who cannot find employment elsewhere because of legal or educational issues. The Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) under the Department of Consumer Affairs requires a security professional to possess on his or her body a valid security guard registration card and valid photo identification. These regulations are not on for the individual security professional but also for …show more content…
This can be done online for a fee of $51 with an additional fee of $49.00 for a finger print processing and Federal Bureau of Investigations fingerprint processing services. In the state of California a person who wishes to get his or her security guard card must be at least 18 undergo a history background check, and complete the required 40 hours of required training (Security Guard Fact Sheet, 2012). The training to receive a state issued security guard card does not include firearm, tear gas, and baton permits. These permits require additional fees, training, and qualifications. The state of California has some of the strictest penalties for violations of these regulations, individuals, and companies that operate without the California mandated licensing could be subject to criminal penalties and civil liability. Companies that to perform any type of uniformed or plainclothes security functions and investigative services in the state of California must acquire a Private Patrol Operator license (PPO). The requirements for an PPO include the requirements for a guard card however; the fee is $700 for a company license fee. Before applying the company must provide proof of a one million dollar insurance policy. The policy must be divided in half, on portion for injury or destruction of property and the other for bodily harm or
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