Civil Liberties And Civil Rights

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Introduction In Calvin Jillson’s American Government: Political Development and Institutional Change Eighth Edition, Chapters thirteen and fourteen explore the subjects of civil liberties and civil rights. Chapter thirteen concentrates on the origin and expansion of civil liberties in the United States. This chapter mainly focuses on the different aspects of the freedom of expression and religion, and how they were transformed by different legal disputes, but it also details the problems with the criminal justice system in America. Chapter fourteen analyzes social movements and their effect on American politics, particularly movements for racial and gender equality. It also describes the ongoing debate over affirmative action in the United States. Both civil liberties and civil rights are used to empower the individual over government, and ensures an egalitarian society in today’s world. This review will cover one specific topic in chapter thirteen, and three general topics in chapter fourteen. In chapter thirteen I will cover the section Civil Liberties and the Bill of Rights, specifically The Origins of the Bill of Rights, Freedom of Expression: Speech and the Press, and Freedom of Religion. The topics I will cover in chapter fourteen are What are Social Movements, Social Movements in American Politics, and Slavery and Abolitionism. These topics will be reviewed in this exact order. In my review, I will fully summarize the different topics, and provide my personal…

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