Civil Liberties. Singapore Suffers From Several Constraints

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Civil Liberties Singapore suffers from several constraints regarding freedom of speech, which directly impacts the atmosphere of the country’s political and civil systems. Freedom House scores their civil liberties at a 32 out of 60. Domestic newspapers, radio stations and television channels are owner by companies linked to the government and it is rare that a newspaper publish critical content involving the government due to general support of state policies (FreedomHouse, 2015). Although the internet is widely accessible in Singapore, authorities monitor online material and block content through licensed service providers. The Sedition Act of the Statutes of Singapore aims to retain political stability along with racial and ethnic…show more content…
The Prime Minister is the head of the government; and its parliament holds the executive power (PoliticalLandscape, 2015). The Parliament tasks include governing state’s finances, making laws and observing the actions of the governing party (PoliticalLandscape, 2015). Singapore’s parliament members (MPs) are comprised of mix of elected, nominated and non-constituency members (Parliament, 2017). General elections dictate the majority of MPs in Parliament and represent either Single Member Constituencies (SMCs) or Group Representation Constituencies (GRCs). In 2015, there were 87 members of parliament, including nine nominated members (NMP) and nine non-constituency members (NCMP) elected, (PoliticalLandscape, 2015). Communication by MPs on behalf of their communities to the Government is vital in order to ensure that their constituents hear their concerns. Voices of the opposing members questioned if parliament seats were being held by enough minority races. To ensure that ethnic minorities have a voice in parliament, Prime Minister Loong announced that a minimum of twelve opposition MPs, including NCMPs will be increased for the next election. In addition, to make way for the additional single seats in parliament, GRCs seats will continue to be reduced. These changes are amongst the most

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