Civil Litigation Interrogatories

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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE STATE OF WISCONSIN CONSTANCE WOLF, ) Plaintiff, ) C.A. No. 06-626 v.s. ) LEWIS E. OLSON and ALBERT DOBIASH, ) MOTION: Defendants. ) Trial by Jury Demanded ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NOTICE OF SERVICE: PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, that the undersigned, Elise Smith, Esquire, did prepare Defendants, Lewis E. Olson and Albert Dobiash's Interrogatories to answer. Same were served on counsel by regular mail in accordance with the attached mailing affidavit. SMITH & ASSOCIATES By: ________________________ Elise Smith, Esquire #173 Attorney for…show more content…
(d) Option to Produce Business Records. If the answer to an interrogatory may be determined by examining, auditing, compiling, abstracting, or summarizing a party's business records (including electronically stored information), and if the burden of deriving or ascertaining the answer will be substantially the same for either party, the responding party may answer by:(1) specifying the records that must be reviewed, in sufficient detail to enable the interrogating party to locate and identify them as readily as the responding party could; and(2) giving the interrogating party a reasonable opportunity to examine and audit the records and to make copies, compilations, abstracts, or summaries. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ INTERROGATORY QUESTIONS: 1- How long have you been in business? 2- Where, when, and how did you obtain your qualifications to become a home inspector? 3- How many years have you been performing home inspections? 4- How many if any complaints have been filed against you? 5- Approximately how many home inspections do you perform per month? 6- Did you inspect the foundation at: 442 Hillshire Lane, Friendship, WI? 7- If so, what were your findings? 8- What tests did you perform at the residence on: 442 Hillshire Lane, Friendship, WI? 9- Is there any tests that you could have performed but failed to perform at this residence? 10- Have you
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