Civil Litigation Procedures And Criminal Procedures

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The difference among Civil Litigation procedures and Criminal procedures
An individual going to a lawyer to seek help in resolving an issue and seek monetary damages against someone they believe has done them wrong. The attorney conducts the interview and the staff will interview witness and perform legal research all in an effort to see if there is a basis for a cause of action that is legitimate against wrongdoers. This begins the relationship between client and lawyer which is solidified by the execution of a retainer agreement. In the retainer agreement there is an understanding of the way that a lawyer will be paid. The Lawyer will begin the process of informing the defendant of the complaint against them, and damages sought in the form of a demand letter. If the defendant chooses not to answer the demand letter it’s time to prepare for trial. The lawyer works on jurisdiction to find the correct court who can hear the case. When the determination for jurisdiction is set following will be venue selection. Venue allows for an impartial jury and focuses on the convenience of the defendant. During this time claims and motions can be filed such as Complaint, Answer, Counterclaim, Cross Claim, Motion to strike, and Motion to dismiss. After the reply or a dismissal motion has been filed the discovery process can begin. The Discovery consists of two forms: oral and written. Discovery that is oral include depositions and written discoveries include, interrogatories, request
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