Civil Right Act : An Era Of Tremendous Struggle For African American All Around America Essay

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The 1960’s in the United States was an era of tremendous struggle for African-American all around America, but especially for those who lived in the south. Laws such as the Jim Crow act, voter suppression, intimidation, oppression, and the fight for equality, all were issues that African-Americans had to deal with in the 1960’s. The 1964 civil right act was a major executive action taken by then president Kennedy do to protests that had gone on for years in southern states by African-Americans, and Caucasians who unified in order to try and end segregation, and provide African-American with the same equality that Caucasian Americans had (Lawson, et al., pg. 28 &29). Many white southerners apposed ending segregation or giving African-American the same rights as they had, and terrorized those who fought for equality every step of the way (Lawson, et al., pg.21).

In 1961 civil right activist propelled the “Freedom Rider” movement in order to desegregate bus stations serving interstate bus station (Lawson, et al., pg.20). Although the Supreme Court of The United States had ruled to desegregate bus services a few months earlier before the start of the “Freedom Rider” movement, those in the south ignored the court’s ruling, and continued to segregate the use of bus services (Lawson, et al., pg.20 & 21). During a stop in the state of Alabama the group of activist encountered opposition who were against desegregation and firebombed one bus, and assaulted the activist

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