Civil Rights : A Controversial Topic Across All Walks Of Humanity

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Civil Rights Assignment Since the turn of the twentieth century, civil rights has been a controversial topic across all walks of humanity. During the nineteen hundred’s, women’s suffrage movement had taken place; later, from the nineteen thirties until the nineteen sixties, African Americans pushed the United States government to produce and enact their civil rights laws; today, rights for people of a sexual or gender orientation other than cisgender straight are being fought for. Two organizations that are still dedicated to current civil rights would be GLAAD and NOW – National Organization for Women. If one were to compare both GLAAD and NOW in terms of the causes they are fighting for and their history, both fight for the fairness the LGBT community, equality, and against violence; however, GLAAD is pushing for faith and acceptance, immigration, and marriage and family protection, while NOW is pressing the United States government for reproductive rights and justice, economic justice, and racial justice for women. Primarily, today’s civil rights movement is the right for marriage in the LGBT community, and the largest advocate for this movement would be GLAAD, who is taking initiative behind numerous legal battles, as well as other portrayals of activism, for the LGBT community. According to GLAAD’s website, they are a taskforce that mainly works with the media to confront inflexible issues, in order to mold and incite conversations that modify society (“About

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