Civil Rights And Political Ideas

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Leading Us Jesse Jackson Intro In the 1940s, life in the south was challenging for Americans of color. Segregation was only getting worse and hopes and dreams of getting away were dying. The physical act of slavery was over but ideally no one had let it go just yet. White Americans believed that the world was supposed to be this way, they were and always would be superior to those of color, and they showed it in any way possible. Growing up during these times may seem impossible for children of my day and time, but for Jesse Jackson, he thrived to be different, to stand out--to succeed. Globally, Mr. Jackson has successfully left a historic mark on society. By standing out and speaking up, he became one of many great African American…show more content…
He never knew who his biological father was until he was 10 years old. The teasing throughout the years was harsh. They accused him of being a nobody with no father. Since then he strived to be somebody! He lived by it. A while later Jesse’s mother married a man by the name of Charles Jackson. Charles was a great father to Jesse and formally adopted him and changed his name to Jackson. From then on out Charles acted as if Jesse was his son and treated him no less. Having growing up during the time of segregation Mr. Jackson was fully aware that he was thought to be different. He recalls the times where he and his mother had to ride on the back of the bus and his school lacked things he needed to have a useful education. But these minor setbacks didn’t stop or hold him back. Jackson grew up in the church environment. He used to say things like “I’m going to lead people through the rivers of the water”. People call that speaking things into existence and this he did. His long background of ministry in his family made it destine for Jesse to follow suit. He gave his first speech to the congregation at age nine. Jesse had such a powerful voice that every month he spoke at least once and they loved it. Jesse would tell people the bible “was the most important book in the house, my earliest heroes were form the bible- David, Joseph, Samson, Paul. One of the people who influenced Jesse a lot was his Aunt Tibby. She would teach Jesse that no matter where he came
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