Civil Rights And Social Movements

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Civil rights and Social Movements in the Americas
Civil rights are the rights of individuals to be treated equally and free from discrimination. It allows others to be free from these unfair treatments in many different settings such as one’s education, employment, and housing. Originally, the term “Civil Rights” referred to the efforts of achieving equality for African Americans in all settings. However, today the term is used for all people whether they are black, white, women, or men. It would also include Native Americans, African Americans, and Feminists to be justly treated.
Native Americans in Canada, Latin America and United States were first truly encountered in the early to mid 1940s. Prior to this the United States passed the Indian Act in 1876, this prohibited voting, and Native Americans weren’t allowed to drink or wander off their reservation without permission. Although American Indians were indigenous to the Americas, they soon became one of many minorities in their own home. Native Americans are a diverse group with hundreds of different tribes. The American Indian’s struggle for civil rights began almost as soon as colonists set foot in the Americas. After the forefathers established the United States of America, the natives were denied their basic civil rights for several years. Although they didn’t have a fighting period like the African American’s civil rights movement, they still took measures to achieve their equal rights.
During the 1950s, the US
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