Martin Luther King Jr Essay

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History is something that we all learn in school. American history is important for me especially because I am an American citizen and it is something I love to study. Segregation is something that the U.S. has always been late on. When you think about civil rights who do you think about? Martin Luther King Jr.? There are a lot of civil right activist who are cast away in Martin Luther King Jr.’s shadow and they rarely get their stories told. I agree, that Martin Luther King Jr. is a person we should mention in our history books, but we should not just “glorify” him and leave the others castaway in his shadow. What Americans need to understand is that all races that are non-white were segregated and the African Americans were not the only people who suffered there were many others who have been shamed for their skin…show more content…
We always talk about the civil rights movement in our U.S. history, but we only see one-side of the story, and we tend to forget about the other people who were involved. I might be a little bit bias, but from being a history major and actually studying history a lot of things slip through the cracks, when it comes to civil right activist most people will think about Martin Luther King Jr., but the truth is that there are others: for example, Cesar Chavez. Cesar Chavez is usually cast away in the shadow of Martin Luther King Jr., and he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. What I have notice is that U.S. history is painted in black and white. We as Americans need to start seeing the world in color. African Americans were not the only people to face oppression and segregation, and you rarely hear their story. Being Hispanic I never knew that we were treated like garbage, but that is how the people saw us, yes, times have changed but I want people to understand that we all had to fight for our own civil rights to make a
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