Civil Rights During The Vietnam War Essay

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Civil Rights is an issue brought to the frontlines in the 20th Century, fought by nearly everyone regardless of sex, age, or race. Within the Civil Rights movements were antiwar movements, which protested the Vietnam war and called for a complete withdrawal of military involvement. These anti-war movements alongside the Civil Rights movements were successful in ending the Vietnam war. In this paper, the antiwar movements will be compared to the Loving’s story and their rebellion. The Loving’s story will be discussed in detail about the injustice and discriminatory laws that were in Virginia and in other parts of the United States. Additionally, Jim Crow laws and the story of college students in Birmingham who stood up against inequality will be discussed to give further insight of the issue of Civil Rights in America. The United States became involved in the Vietnam war in the 1950’s when the French requested assistance,
In May 1950, US President Harry S. Truman (1945-53) endorsed an unpretentious programme of economic and military assistance to the French who were fighting to maintain the control of their Indo-China colony, together with Laos and Cambodia as well as Vietnam” (httpp:// America became directly involved in Vietnam in 1955 when the first advisors reached (Mazhar 271).
Large quantities of all groups of people believed this was not a valid reason to send troops overseas to fight in this conflict. Consequently,
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