Civil Rights Events Research Paper

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Civil Rights Events In the past previous civil rights events. I believe to have significance on the people; a social, moral, and ethical way in American history today. I have found two; the first is on Martin Luther King, who had a mission in his life for preaching for peace and also marched in Washington to come together as one race in a united front (Cyr, A. I., 2015). He was a Southern Christian, black African man, who preached to stop the racial relations and end the violence back then; with his speech, I have a dream. It was in the 1960s when this was happening. At that time, the president, in office was John F. Kennedy who actively supported the civil rights legislation (Cyr, A. I., 2015). The second is on Rosa Parks, a black African…show more content…
It also continues to be in an intense study conducted by Louis Harris in the media and public interest. The study dealt with public attitudes on a whole range of specifics on the First Amendment issues (Harwood, R., 1997). The first example in the significance of a majority that varies in percentages, complete or part enforced, on the press in reporting on the influential of public figures in sexual conducts (Harwood, R., 1997). Another is reporting secret evidence of the government's doing, in developing photographs of violent events, rape victims, and leaking to the press, or stories on compelling proof of political leader’s behavior (Harwood, R., 1997). The second example is most Americans citizens would have less or nothing in speech dealings with sex, homosexuality, religious cults, and other forms that present things to the public were making them disagree or dislike what was going on with these situations (Harwood, R., 1997). They would decide on judges of a lot of power to impose fines on publishers and television news for the inaccurate and one - sided report that would go against laws to make it easier for the accused to win against the press (Harwood, R., 1997). They would also have powerful people in the…show more content…
The outrage of our health care system has been in progressive stages of chaos and turmoil. First, example the democrats in congress passed a patient protection law for the low-income care, and it does not protect the patients or does it make health care more affordable for the people to buy it (Johnson, R., 2012). The second examples the Republicans are united in the commitment to repeal on President, Obama health and replace it with more of a realistic patient health as a positive. The democrat, republican agrees on (Johnson, R., 2012). In the process of them; malpractice in the tort reforms of hospitals, health savings account for the people, insurance across the state for everyone, reduce government mandates on taxes, and equally tax treatment of insurance premiums on yearly taxes on the working people. So, this is a little bit of the focuses of changes we will proclaim to the country (Johnson, R., 2012). In the people decisions, there is an apparently a presentation of two different visions of the country's future. One of them is republican and the democratic party, and President Obama, in the full scope of the House that tries to focus on one prime area of internal policies at a time (Johnson, R., 2012). Another is in February with the voters in helping to re-elect could be a useful
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