Civil Rights Movement During The Civil War

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Civil Rights Movement With the winning of the Civil War still in the minds of many, conducting interviews of previous slaves intrigued those wanting to know what it was like being a slave. With the interview there is a look inside the life of, a woman still in her childhood, what her life was like, and how she dealt with being a slave. The life of a slave was no easy feat, but with perseverance many made it to the wars end, although life still has many hardships for the Freedman today. The interview was given to Betty Powers by the New Deals Federal Writer’s Project in 1936, quite a few years after the slaves were freed. These interviews were given to give a look into the life of a slave, what they went through, and the pains and turmoil that white people had caused. This interview just proved how terrible and inhumane slavery was, and why it needed to be ended, although it caused the south to completely change its ways in the Reconstruction Era. In the textbook there were views from both the North and the South on slavery and its end. This article is on the view of the slaves and the North, believing it was the right thing to end slavery, and that the color of your skin doesn’t mean you aren’t human. On the South’s view, they believed the opposite that African Americans were below the whites, and were meant for harsh labor. The treatment of African American’s thus leads to Reverend Henry McNeal Turner to give a speech before the Georgia State Legislator in 1868, because
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