Civil Rights Movement In The Film Rosewood

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For those who can’t recognize the disadvantages blacks have, any movement that call for equal rights and black mobility may be seen as an extreme action trying to cause conflict. For leaders who advocated for change like Malcolm X or Jesse Jackson were labeled in negative terms, but they were trying to obtain the same rights that whites have. In the case of Malcolm X, he said “We assert the right of self-defence by whatever means necessary, and reserve the right of maximum retaliation against our racist oppressors, no matter what the odds against us are” (Malcolm X, 747). What Malcolm X is advocating for reminds me of Sylvester Carrier actions in the movie Rosewood. Sylvester was viewed as an out of control black man with a gun during the shootout at his house. In truth, he was trying to protect his family…show more content…
As a black man he was limited in what type of profession he would be. So when Duff was fired at the gas station for his behavior, it set him back to his once drifting days of living life with little ambition. By the virtue of Duff not being able to hold on to a job to help support his wife Josie, it had an impact on their marriage. That is why movements for equal opportunities became so popular, minorities grew tired of living their lives according to the whites interest. James Forman of the Black Panther Party, wanted to promote ideas for black equality. For instance, he states “I felt then that we had emerged from the internal disorder, that we were in a new day, and that I personally could begin to work freely on the basis of my true beliefs” (Forman, 752). Ironically, this quote resembles the nature of Mookie in Do The Right Thing. When speaking to Pino, Mookie echoes the assertions made by civil rights activist Louis Farrakhan, that one day the the Black man will rise and rule the earth. Mookie is proud of who he is and is educated on the history of his
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