Civil Rights Movement

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King goes to jail and writes a report and gets out of jail. Finally, Birmingham takes down the “blacks only” and “whites only” signs from the bathroom and drinking fountains. Blacks now can use any bathroom and drinking fountain they want.

The SCLC launched "Project C” (for Birmingham), April 3, 1963.
On April 6, police arrested forty-five protesters going from Sixteenth Street Baptist Church to city hall. The next day, more people were arrested. Due to this happening two police dogs attacked a nineteen-year-old. Judge W.A. Jenkins, Jr., made an order preventing one hundred thirty-three of the city's civil rights leaders, to organize demonstrations. But the Project C plan got King arrested on April 12. After a few hours King told his staff,he didn't know what to do and that something had to change in Birmingham. He said he didn't know if he could make enough money if any at all to get people out of jail. But, he did agree to go to jail with them since he couldn't get the money. King was arrested and put in solitary confinement.

In jail he read an ad in the Birmingham News, that called him a troublemaker. He responded to the ad,his response was eventually sent to the newspaper saying that it was a "Letter from Birmingham Jail" from King. His…
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