Civil Rights Movements

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During this era the United States was facing many issues involving racism. Many historical figures from this period gave motivating speeches and Martin Luther King Jr. became one of the most widely known speakers. Dr. King’s “I have a dream” speech gave Americans hope for equality and a better life through making peace. The famous speech is an unforgettable moment in African American history as well as American history. Many people do not know that he also gave a highly important speech 9 years before that. In 1955, King and his supporters demanded freedom and they would do so by declaring a protest. Because he was such a well-known speaker he moved many and the Montgomery bus Boycott would begin shortly thereafter. Martin Luther King became a popular social leader and received plenty of recognition during this time. During 1957, he became the leader of a newly formed organization called SCLC, which stood for Southern Christian Leadership Conference and consisted of African Americans in the South. The Birmingham police turned to violence in order to put a stop the SCLC. Americans involved were harshly beat down by dogs, rods and even a fire hose. This led to Martin Luther King’s Arrest, where he was placed in solitary confinement in Birmingham, Alabama. One of his most successful letters was entitled a “Letter from Birmingham Jail” where he attacked Caucasian leaders…
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