Civil Rights Movements: Questions And Answers

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What basic protections did the Civil War Amendments introduce? How would life in America be different if these amendments had never been passed? The Civil War amendments protected the civil rights of african americans. There would still be segregation,and unwanted violence (lynching, etc).
What are de jure and de facto segregation? De jure is segregation by law.
De facto is segregation by practice.
What did the US Supreme Court decide in Plessy v. Ferguson and Brown v. Board of Education? It started the civil rights movement for some people but for others it meant the ending of segregation.
How were blacks denied the right to vote and equal protection even after the Civil War Amendments passed? When did that begin to change and why? They
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The criticism about weather they should have the equal rights of marriage.
What is the Americans with Disabilities Act? Civil rights law that are are for protecting against discrimination about disability.
Are there differences between discriminating on the basis of race or ethnicity and discriminating on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, or disability? What might be some legitimate reasons for treating people differently?
That can be argued because they are different but at the same time, very similar. A real reason for treating someone differently will always be the rule, “treat others the way you want to be treated”
Would you favor the passage of an Equal Rights Amendment today? Are there contexts in which you think men and women should be treated differently? Yes, these days I feel like men are blamed for abuse more than women, both genders should be treated with respect.
Do you feel you have faced discrimination? How do you think the type of discrimination you have faced should be addressed in the law? (Remember this can include race, gender, age, religion,
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(ethnicity, gender, mental illness, etc.) I think schools especially need to take more action with things like cyber bullying but bullying in general(discrimination), because believe it or not, in this generation it can’t really be avoided.
What do you think makes people sympathetic to discrimination claims? What makes them more likely to dismiss them? The criticism towards the claims is usually what gets to people the most. They get away with dismissing them when no one takes action to point it out.
How are people of the same race, gender, sexual orientation, or disability as you portrayed in the media? Do you think they are portrayed realistically? I have definitely been told I should be “good at math” and I’m short “because I’m asian”. They are not portrayed realistically, I know schools in asia and other places are more strict but that shouldn’t affect how I am with math, and my height may be from being part asian, but I have had doctors tell me many of the issues I have now are because of the brain surgery I had at 21 hours old; but I don’t tell people that when they comment on my
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