Civil Rights: Pickets and Sit-ins Essay

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In the early 19th century segregation was strongly enforced especially in the deep southern areas of the US like in Alabama Mississippi. Segregation is the separation of the white people, and the colored people. Not only the blacks were separated they were treated very harshly, abused, and humiliated. The amount of respect that a full grown black adult had less respect as for a young white child. Throughout the 1960s was the peak of climax for the segregation whereas protest , sit ins were being acted. Sit ins and pickets were the way that colored people made their point that they wanted freedoms.

The civil rights movement was a battle fought by African Americans from the mid 1950s to the later parts of the 1960s, to gain equal civil
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This was one of the first sit in. The next day a larger group of students had returned to also join and protest. In a few days time the word had be sent by students of that college to several other schools. The overall plan of the sit ins were to gather a group of students or several colored men to ask and wait to be served at the lunch counters. If they were denied they still continued to wait all the men were wearing suit and ties trying to be peaceful and nonviolent, most of the time several of them had brought their own textbooks and studied while they had waited. They had planned to showed their own friendly sides of themselves smiling, they didn’t fight back even when they were attacked. By the first week of the sit ins were pretty quiet the colored men were still not yet served. Then by February, 27 the sit in students in Nashville were attacked by a group of white teenagers. The teenagers weren’t charged with anything but for the protesters they had been punished for “Disorderly conduct “and were charged a $150 court cost. Then pretty soon there was another group that took their place. By August 1961 there was approximately 70,000 participants, with over 3,000 arrests.

That being one of the first ever sit ins was a huge deal in North Carolina. This was also very successful. As it expanded day by day and eventually caused all of the colored people to start participating and becoming activists in their fight to gain freedoms and civil

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