Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Essay

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Civil Liberties: The Right to Privacy

Civil Liberties 2

Sub Category: Controversy over Abortion

In this assignment I will examine civil liberties, main focus on the abortion

Controversy. In today’s societies, civil rights and civil liberties are not as common

and some are even at risk. Abortion rights are a very special, touchy subject and I

believe there will be never a
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Some women think that the only way

off protection than maybe it should be re-considered if sex-education should be a bigger

part in todays lessons plan. Also should be parents aware, that not talking to your

children make the situation worse. The U.S.A. are number two, behind Russia in statistics

with over 1,2 Million abortions a year. Teen pregnancies are sky high, the U.S.A. ranks

on number one among the industrial countries; almost 500 000 compare to Canada less

than 20 000. What is quite scary, that such an educated country falls so far back. A lot

States also ban now, that insurance can cover abortions

but on the other hand make birth control not available for the once they needed.

So in my view, there should be a new thinking process, what does the country want?

It is not just that pregnancies occur but also STD’s and even worse HIV. Where the

U.S.A. ranks number 1 in an industrial country as well. So there is another debate,

that funding’s from insurances and government funding’s are used for birth control and

abortion. But does not a live time treatment for HIV, raising a child through welfare,

Medicare and such things put a bigger hole into the countries pocket?

This should be all considered into discussions about pro-life.
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