Civil Service Reform: Spoil and Merit System

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A dedicated and responsive civil service is always the goal but that has yet to be accomplished because of differing ideas on how to improve efficiency. As a result, each administration examines and modifies the civil service system to ensure that it’s performing at its highest level and delivering the highest quality services. Civil service reform has been around since the inception of civil service and it will continue to be around because there will always be a need for it. It is meant to have a positive effect on the effectiveness and efficiency of government. It does this by improving the methods involved in certain aspects of civil service which increases accountability and effectiveness. Both the spoils and the merit system were established to end corruption thereby providing better services and the efficient management of resources. For example, the spoils system was said to end corruption by creating massive amounts of turnover and the replacements helped facilitate efficient government because the employees were loyal to, obeyed, and actively supported the government leaders. The introduction of the merit system instituted the business principles of using merit to assign appointments. The principles behind this method of reform suggested that for civil service to be most effective, it must include…
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