Civil Service Research Paper

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I believe that high school graduates should not be required a year of service before going to college. Some students, by choice, will join the military or civil services; others may already be set on a career they want to achieve. For example if someone wants to be a doctor, they already have many years of school ahead of them. But, if students are not attending college immediatley following high school, they should be required a year of service. As a result, students are able to learn valuable life lessons and give themselves a better life. For example they learn to be flexible, make safe decisions, and self-direct themselves. Students that are already set on going to college, however, should not need to serve due to the commitment it takes.…show more content…
"Making a difference is a marathon, not a sprint," ( Likewise, going into a civil service job is not going to make you a ton of money like you may believe. Being in the civil service or military takes for a lot of patience.

Joining the military or civil services after graduating can also be a very beneficial thing and provides valuable life skills to students. It is important for students to serve there country and get a feel for what the military is like. For example the military teaches you to be a leader and how to work as a team, including all sorts of different personalities. Additionally, in most military branches you can receive education. Now you can serve, and get an education. However, this would force you to serve longer than one year.

In conclusion, I believe that you should not have to complete a civil service for a year after graduating high school. In my opinion, it is good to get through college first so you can get a career, then if you wish to serve for a year you have something to fall back on. There is many benefits of joining the military, but there are many risks too. Not being in the military would allow you to focus on your college studies and your career that lies
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