Civil Society II In Democracy

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Civil Society II in Democracy

The rise of technology in today’s society has provided many advantages in raising awareness of actions taking place in democracies. The use of social media and other technological advances has provided the opportunity for people to be aware of issues taking place in their community, nation, or world. By using new media, there is visible change in how civil society-which is the network of associations independent of the state-functions due to a person be able to use the internet in order to access infinite information about any topic. A recent example of people taking to social media in order to demand change in their civil society occurred in 2012 with the Trayvon Martin case, where as a result of a tragic accident,
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Though the case did not initially gain national headline news, the power of the people literally brought the topic to the spotlight because people accused Zimmerman of racial profiling a young African American man in a dark hoodie. Social media users took to Facebook and Twitter, used the hashtag “#JusticeForTrayvon” and created videos on YouTube to express their anger. Users then proceeded to change their profile pictures of them in hoodies, which further more allowed for attention to be brought on the issue. The hoodie became a symbol; it represented both support for Trayvon Martin and to highlight the issue of racial equality in the US. With thousands sharing Martin’s story on social media, Martin’s case made national headlines, which framed the basis for the overarching topic of racial disparities and gun control in the US to…show more content…
Advocates of Martin initially started off within the African American community. The racial profiling accusations prompted young African American men to share their own stories of racial profiling that they’ve encountered. The same men began using “#iamtrayvon” in order to show that at any moment, they could face the same fate that Trayvon did. As time went on, online petitions that were created by African Americans were being signed by different groups at an international level, and the more awareness that was brought up about the topic meant that more groups were able to mobilize together in order to fight for justice against the oppression of people of color, which has resulted in the formation of the movement Black Lives
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