Civil War : A War Between Citizens Of The Same Country

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Emma Hart
Mrs. Wise
History 8Y
11 December 2014
Civil War Civil War is defined as a war between citizens of the same country. Why would America have this fight? The Northern states of America decided that they would no longer tolerate the Southern states treating African Americans as slaves because of the color of their skin. When disputes were brought up over this issue between the North and South, the South was too persistent to have slaves. They worried that the North would be successful in abolishing slavery, so in result, the South went against the North. There were many elements that the Civil War was know for, some of the main ones were causes, key figures, battles, and the outcome of the war. Before looking into things that
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One of the conflicts was the Missouri Comprise that drew an imaginary line separating Northern and Southern states (Wise). As a result, the North and South agreed in nothing. When it came to everyday life, and the rules that came along with all the unhappy people, war was inevitable. With the many conflicts the states had, they were going to make big changes that would make a big effect on America, such secession and slavery. The biggest change was that states were seceding. The biggest problem was that slavery was allowed in the United States. It states in The Declaration of Independence that all men are create equal, but this was not shown when a man owned other man. This was Americas lowest point because lives were already getting lost during Bleeding Kansas (Wise). America wanted freedom for their country but that was not what they were giving to these people. Many might say that the Civil War started because states seceded, but why would they secede if slavery was never an option? Therefore, both seceding and slavery played big roles in the causes of the Civil War, but if slavery never existed, America would not have ran into these problems. With there being two separate sides, there was a need for two leaders, those leaders would be Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis. The first leader was Abraham Lincoln. He lead the Union side since he was a strong Republican that did not agree with
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