Civil War And A Revolution

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According to the UN, the death toll in Syria almost reached two hundred thousand over the last three and a half years, and the number of displaced Syrians reached 9.5 million. Because of the complexity of the situation, a lot of people don’t even know exactly what is happening over there. The first thing that might pop into one’s mind is that a civil war is going on there. On the other hand, others argue that it is a revolution against oppression that has been brutally responded to. Evaluating the situation in Syria requires solid understanding of specific terms of a civil war and a revolution. Also, is there a general consensus on what a civil war or a revolution is? Can the situation in Syria simply be classified into one of these two?
The first important thing to know is that there is no single definition of a civil war that historians or political scientists have agreed upon. However, a commonly used definition to judge a situation is that of the correlate of war project, which explains a civil war as a sustained military combat, primarily internal, resulting in at least 1,000 battle-deaths per year, in which government forces are in conflict with a revolting force capable of effective resistance, determined by the latter 's ability to inflict upon the government forces at least 5% of the fatalities that the insurgents sustain. Under this classification, there have been 53 civil wars from 1946 to 1992 (Civil War in the Post-Colonial World 1946-92). Other Definitions are
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